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Favorites, Health / 06.02.2019

Snacks can be just as nutritious and tasty as a healthy homemade meal. Some people view food is fuel, others eat for pure enjoyment and flavor. Why not DO BOTH!! Right?? I'm going to share some of my fave snacks when your on the go or don't have time to get a meal in. First off, fruit and veges are SUPER portable for snacks! Apples, oranges, bananas, pears, grapes, carrots, celery sticks, cut up broccoli, cauliflower...

Health / 19.11.2018

I have curated a kit of my favorite things that I use DAILY and LOVE!!  Are you needing relief from joint pain? Improve your digestion? Improve your immune system? Suffer from anxiety or depression? Lose weight?  Improve athletic endurance and recovery? Stronger hair and nails? Improve your skin texture by reducing cellulite and wrinkles? Let me explain what each of these supplements can do for your health.  Megasporebiotic is a probiotic, a pill you take daily with food.   What are probitoics?  Probiotics are healthy bacteria that our gut lining needs...

Recipes / 29.10.2018

Thought I would share some recipes I've been trying and we've been enjoying! First up is Julie Bauer Roth's Instant Pot Creamy Gnocchi Soup.  It's loaded with so many good vegetables and full of flavor!  Follow her instructions on how to make the gnocchi and use a GOOD nonstick pan.  I used my stainless steel one and they can tend suck monkey nuts when it comes to sticking...