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Friday Favorite – Dr Sherry Brewer

Happy Friday Friends! Dr Sherry Brewer is my Friday favorite this week! I met Dr Brewer when I started working at the VA Clinic as she works there as an Internal Medicine doctor. The first time we met we just clicked! We share alot of the same interests and passions from scrapbooking to decorating. Sherry introduced me to Health Coaching, read about that here.


Sherry has a huge passion for wellness which drove her to getting board certified in Functional Medicine AND Integrative Medicine these past few years. She discovered it as she started getting sick and not feeling well. She read a book by Dr Hyman (who is a Functional Medicine physician) called the Blood Sugar Solution and lightbulbs went off! She started using food as medicine, changing what she was eating and started feeling better! Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of disease and illness. Conventional medicine Dr’s prescribe medicine to treat symptoms of your disease….this is no dis to them…it’s part of their training. Functional medicine Dr’s actually look to see what is CAUSING the disease or illness and treat accordingly. They treat the body as a whole and don’t treat each system/organ separately. Part of the Integrative training is focusing on the relationship between the Dr and patient and focusing on the patient as a whole person….not just their lab results and chief complaint.


Who might benefit from seeing a Functional Medicine physician? Anyone with an autoimmunne disease such as MS, Rhuematoid Arthritis, Chrohns…..the list goes on. Thryoid issues, gut issues, unexplanined chronic pain and relentless unwanted symptoms…basically anyone who is not well and wants to be well. Maybe your on medicines with bad side affects worse than the symptoms it’s treating. To back up a bit, did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? Ya! So…..that would mean that most of your disease process issues start in your gut. If your gut in not working right, AKA leaky gut, did you know that can affect your hormones too? Ya – it’s all connected. Heal your gut and you will be on the road to improved health and wellness. What can cause your gut to get unhealthy? Well…your gut has 100 trillion bacteria lining and protecting your intestines….yes, I said TRILLION. That is about 3 pounds worth of bacteria, and believe me when I say you don’t want to lose that 3 pounds of good bacteria. They are germ fighting, immune supporting, hormone balancing bad-as#$%s! If you get a dysbosis, meaning more bad bacteria than good…that is when disease can start. How does this occur? Antibiotics, processed foods and sugar, stress, poor sleep……all these thing can lower the good bacteria and allow the bad bacteria to override. If you were born C-section, you were not exposed to all the good bacteria in the vaginal canal to help populate your gut….you may be more prone to issues. Breastfeeding passes along good bacteria to baby to populate your gut.


Part of Dr Brewer’s process is to get a timeline history of your health and identify a trigger that started a shift in your overall health. Big part of the process is ordering functional labs. For example, stool studies can be done to identify a dysbosis in your gut (bad bacteria) and then treat accordingly. Detailed blood work looking to see how your hormones are actually working, not just general levels. If you reading this and think hmmmm….maybe she could help me? DO IT! SHE CAN HELP!!!! Dr Brewer’s goal is for you to only see her maybe a couple times. She gets to the root cause, makes a plan and BOOM! Hello good health!! Live life to the fullest by being the healthiest version of yourself!! You can find Dr Brewer at Honest Wellness Center


Fun facts about Dr Brewer: She was actually a chemical engineer before she went to Med School. AND she has 3 patents with Proctor and Gamble from her Chemical Engineering days. Ya!! She is wicked SMART!! The bonus to it all is her personality. She is just an awesome human being. She truly cares about her patients and she explains things in such a way that resonates deeply with her patients. They all just LOVE her…and so do I!


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