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Live your Best Life

Hi All!  I thought I would write a little post about what I do.  When I was looking for an inspiring image to relate to, I came across this picture of my son Colin.  This was taken last summer when were up 12,000+ feet in the Grand Teton mountains – it was amazingly beautiftul.  To me this picture says to me, “I’m on top of the world taking in all the beauty and wonder around me.”  He is living his best life!  Don’t we all just want to live our best life??  Living our best life to me means feeling good and being able to enjoy all the beauty that is around us: family, friends, mother nature, and our fur friends:)  What does that mean to you?

What I learned in my health coach training is food is medicine and how to find joy in your every day life.  It really brought an awareness to other modalities that are available to healing emotional and physical pain.  I personally have changed the way I eat and my brain fog is gone and I don’t have the afternoon fatigues.  Let me point out – I don’t eat perfectly healthy ALL the time. It’s all about balance and what makes you feel best.  Along the course of my studies and thereafter,  I also was able to address some past emotional wounds and how my sensitivity held me back in ways I wasn’t even realizing.  I have learned that my sensitivey is my superpower.  I talk a little more about that here.

Currently with my clients, I meet them where they are in their health journey and guide them to help them meet their personal goals.  Food REALLY  is medicine.  We have billions of cells in our body and each cell has an engine called the mitochondria.  When our engines don’t get the nutreints it needs to work, they run out of gas and stop working properly.  This can present differently for everybody.  Some people suffer from fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, digestive issues, chronic consitpation, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, or mood swings….

In my health coaching practice I really focus on bio-individuality – what is your unique symptoms and current lifestyle.  From there we focus on changes you can make to optimize your health that can be adapted into your everyday lifestyle.  If you are open to it, we don’t just talk about food.  Stress and negativity can do a zinger on your body – it really can mess things up with your hormones, gut health and overall energy.  Stress management and mindset shifts are a big piece to the puzzle for living your best life.   I have worked clients and myself have done intention journals, affirmations, meditations and manifested some pretty amazing outcomes.  Do you have to do all the above to shift your mindset?  Heck no!  It’s figuring out what works for you playing around with different techniques. The mind is a very powerful thing.  Never underestimate the power of your thoughts.

The other big thing I hear alot is emotional eating. SUPER guilty of that myself.  When I’m feeling bummed and lonely in my thoughts, I want some chocolate!!  Well, that darn sugar only gives me a temporary high and then I’m back to where I started.  I’ve learned other ways to ‘comfort’ myself when I’m feeling down or stressed.  Let’s be honest, that food is going to fix what we are upset about, right??  Let’s say you are having a down moment and indulge in some cookies or ice cream. The next worst thing you can do to yourself is to feel guilty about it – screw that!  If your going to indulge, own it and move on.  I did this once with M&M’s.  It was an intense emotional day and I helped myself to a big ole bag of M&M’s.  I told myself I was eating kale.  Sounds ridiculous right?  Well, the next day I didn’t have the sugar hangover I would have normally had.  I just enjoyed them and moved on, AND I didn’t crave them the next day.  The goal is to have less moments of eating a big ole bag of M&M’s.  Fill your toolbox with other coping mechanisms.  I have really expanded my tool box over the years and love to share with others:)

Does any of this resonate with you?  Could I be of help to you?  If so, I offer free phone consults.  You can go to my Work with Me page and schedule here.  Or if your like – heck ya, let’s do this!  You can schedule an appointment here as well.

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