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THIS book is a Must Read if….✨

You should read this book if you want to improve on ANY relationship in your life.  Unless you have a Mother Theresa mindset and can get along with every and anybody then maybe you don’t need this book – lol!

Are you married? A parent? In leadership?  Do you have family members or co-workers that are in your life and you have an antagonist relationship with?  Do you have difficulty getting along with those people and just want to find peace with that relationship and have a healthier approach?  Maybe you just want to be the BEST parent you can be to your kids?  Be the best spouse you can be?  Then give this book a read – it’s GOOOOOOOD!  Unlike some self help books that lay out actionable steps to take, which is a GREAT thing…..but for me can be totally boring to read.  I personally need to be invested in a book with a story and that’s how this book reads.  It tells a story that completely keeps your attention and is a really fast read.

We all have our life experiences that shape us into who we are and how we perceive the world.  This book invites you to have an “out of the box” mindset with your interactions with others.  This book isn’t about changing others, it’s about how you perceive and approach others and that is where the money is!!  YOU have the power to make positive changes that can have a direct impact on those around you.

If you decide to read this book, I encourage you to keep an open mind.  You may be thinking you have people in your life that you are like “there is no way I’m going to get along with them or try and understand their viewpoint!”  Or “that person has REALLY hurt me and I’m not ever going to forget that.”  If we put our personal judgements aside, it’s amazing what shifts you can make within yourself that can have a positive ripple affect to those around you.


Have you read this book or plan too??  Let me know!!

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