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Recipe Round Up

Thought I would share some recipes I’ve been trying and we’ve been enjoying! First up is Julie Bauer Roth’s Instant Pot Creamy Gnocchi Soup.  It’s loaded with so many good vegetables and full of flavor!  Follow her instructions on how to make the gnocchi and use a GOOD nonstick pan.  I used my stainless steel one and they can tend suck monkey nuts when it comes to sticking….they are great for being nontoxic….just not for avoiding sticking and burning depending on what you are cooking.  Heads up – my boys didn’t care for this soup – maybe your kids will. I loved it!  You can find the recipe here:  CLICK HERE http://paleomg.com/instant-pot-creamy-gnocchi-soup/

Next up is Predominately Paleo’s Hamburger Soup.  This recipe is super easy and so tasty too!  Pic above is her’s as I forgot to take one.  My oldest, Colin,  devoured this soup!  He tends to be my picky eater and loved it!!  You can find the recipe here: CLICK HERE https://predominantlypaleo.com/instant-pot-paleo-hamburger-soup/

Next up is this AMAZING bread recipe!  Lil Sipper recreated this Erewhon paleo bread recipe and she nailed it! It’s super easy to make and made with legit healthy ingredients.  The texture of this bread is perfect too!  Sometimes when I make homemade paleo bread recipes the inside can ten to be too moist and the texture can be too gooey.  Not this one!! It’s perfect!  Eat it plan, or add your favorite toppings: avocado, peanut butter, other nut butters.  Or you can lather it with some ghee and pair it with one of the soups above!  Colin also loved this bread too.  His favorite way to eat it was with a layer of peanut butter.  I was seriously killing it in the kitchen this week having a couple recipes that Colin loved – winning!! You can find this recipe here:  CLICK HERE http://www.lilsipper.com/erewhon-paleo-bread-re-make/

Last but not least is this easy peasy salad!  I bought a pasture raised rotisserie chicken at our local coop, shredded it, put it on a bed of greens followed by all the veges I was craving then. I drizzled with at Sir Kensington ranch dressing and for added nutrients and fiber sprinkled with ground up chia seeds.   The next day I was craving a sweet version of this so I added strawberries and blueberries.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for future meals.  Have a GREAT week friends!




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