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Jump Start your Health Kit!!

I have curated a kit of my favorite things that I use DAILY and LOVE!!  Are you needing relief from joint pain? Improve your digestion? Improve your immune system? Suffer from anxiety or depression? Lose weight?  Improve athletic endurance and recovery? Stronger hair and nails? Improve your skin texture by reducing cellulite and wrinkles?

Let me explain what each of these supplements can do for your health.  Megasporebiotic is a probiotic, a pill you take daily with food.   What are probitoics?  Probiotics are healthy bacteria that our gut lining needs to function properly.  Why is this important?  Our gut is the root of all disease.  You see,  your gut has 100 trillion bacteria lining and protecting your intestines….yes, I said TRILLION. That is about 3 pounds worth of bacteria, and believe me when I say you don’t want to lose that 3 pounds of that good bacteria. They are germ fighting, immune supporting, hormone balancing bad-as#$%s! If you get a dysbosis, meaning more bad bacteria than good…that is when disease can start. How does this occur? Antibiotics, processed foods and sugar, stress, poor sleep……all these thing can lower (eat up) the good bacteria and allow the bad bacteria to override.  It can be a contributing factor to leaky gut. Why is this important?  Think of all the good bacteria in your gut as an army defending the lining of your intestines.  Your intestinal wall is only one cell deep and with a depleted army, pathogens can get through that lining and into your bloodstream.  This in turn can cause inflammation that can trigger your immune system leading to autoimmune disease. Do you know anyone with autoimmune disease?  Fibromyalgia, hashimotos, crohns disease, IBS, rhuematoid arthritis, mulitple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, lupus??  The great news about these is you have more control over your health then you may realize.  You can improve or eliminate your autoimmune disease by food and lifestyle changes!

Having a proper balance of good and bad bacteria can affect your weight as well.  Studies have shown that the type of bacteria in your gut can affect how you metabolize and store calories and affect food cravings.

A quick note (even though there are more) about the importance of having good bacteria in your gut (intestines)!! You make 90% of your serotonin in your gut and those good bacteria help with production!  If you suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental health illness this can be a contributing factor.

The biggest difference to store bought and other brands of probiotics is megasporebiotic is spore based.  It has a carotenoid shell that is dissolved by your stomach acid which in turn releases antioxidants.  Who doesn’t need more anti-oxidants?  Thanks to this anti-oxidant rich shell,  the bacteria is not killed by your stomach acid and can make it to your lower gut.  Unlike most other probiotics where only 1/2 of the good bacteria will survive your stomach acid.  Plus – you do not need to refrigerate megasporebiotic!

Now on to collagen!!  Did you know that your body produces less collagen as you age? What is collagen?  Collagen is a protein found in our muscles, blood vessels, tendons, skin and digestive system.  It helps you produce lean muscle mass, which can impact your weight loss.  It keeps your skin elastic, which can reduce cellulite and wrinkles.  It’s also good for your hair and nails.  I have super fine hair and my hairdresser commented on how my hair is much fuller.  It keeps your joints lubricated as it creates a gel like substance between your bones which promotes amazing joint health and reduces pain. It also helps with leaky gut by acting as ‘spackle’ and ‘patching’ holes in your gut.  As I mentioned earlier, leaky gut is increased intestinal permeability,  in which bacteria and toxins are able to “leak” through the intestinal wall.  This “leaking” is what can cause systemic inflammation and a contributing factor to autoimmune disease.  Collagen is a tasteless powder that you can add to ANY drink hot or cold.  Add it to your smoothies, coffee, tea or green juice!

Quick Start Health Guide!  This will be simple and easy tips that you can add to your daily routine that can have a HUGE impact on your health.

Last but not least is a journal!  We can eat all the right foods and do all the right exercises, but if we are stressed and have a negative mindset – – – that can be just as toxic as eating a diet of coke and snicker bars all day, every day.  I would encourage you to use this journal for your needs.  Document how you are feeling physically and mentally and see how you progress after making changes with your daily routine and adding healthy tips recommended.  Sometimes we don’t realize how bad we are feeling until we start feeling better.  Another use for this journal could be for setting positive intentions for yourself.  When you write an intention, write it as it has already happened.  Feel all the good feelings as it has already happened.   Maybe your intention is to have less pain.  Imagine what it would feel like to have less pain and what that would afford you in your life:  more enjoyment in your life, you can do more physical activities, have more energy, sleep better, etc.  Use this journal to serve as a jumping off point to creating the life you want!

I love this reminder if I get in a mind funk:

Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.


If your interested in purchasing the gift of health for you or a loved one CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page choose Jump Start your Health Kit.  If you have any questions, leave me a comment.  The gift of health is the BEST thing we can give to ourselves or those we love.






MegaSporeBiotic – RECONDITION The Gut Microbiome



Disclaimer:  check with your physician when starting any new supplements or exercise regime. None of these statements are meant to diagnose or cure disease states.

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