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Recipes / 06.06.2017

I am loving having smoothie bowls for breakfast these days.  It's great alternative for lunch too!  You can load them up with all kinds of healthy goodness and they taste good too.  I find that I enjoy eating a thick creamy smoothie bowl as to drinking smoothies.  Must be a texture thing for me; it's like eating ice cream except it's all good for you and STILL tasty! Another thing that I found  A-MAZING for me was how it helped my digestion.  Now, this may get a little TMI...

Favorites / 26.05.2017

Happy Friday Friends! Dr Sherry Brewer is my Friday favorite this week! I met Dr Brewer when I started working at the VA Clinic as she works there as an Internal Medicine doctor. The first time we met we just clicked! We share alot of the same interests and passions from scrapbooking to decorating. Sherry introduced me to Health Coaching, read about that here.   Sherry has a huge passion for wellness which drove her to getting board certified in Functional Medicine AND Integrative Medicine these past few years. She discovered...

Personal / 02.05.2017

Hello friends! I thought I would share with you about my journey to becoming a Holistic Health Coach. I first became a nurse at age 19!! Kind of crazy right?? To be clear, still am a nurse;). I went to a 2 year intensive RN program, was the youngest in my class and boom! I started out working in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and LOVED it! I actually, worked in some sort of critical care unit most of my nursing career thus far. I loved the fast...