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Personal / 13.08.2018

You should read this book if you want to improve on ANY relationship in your life.  Unless you have a Mother Theresa mindset and can get along with every and anybody then maybe you don't need this book - lol! Are you married? A parent? In leadership?  Do you have family members or co-workers that are in your life and you have an antagonist relationship with?  Do you have difficulty getting along with those people and just want to find peace with that relationship and have a healthier approach?...

Personal / 11.06.2018

Hi All!  I thought I would write a little post about what I do.  When I was looking for an inspiring image to relate to, I came across this picture of my son Colin.  This was taken last summer when were up 12,000+ feet in the Grand Teton mountains - it was amazingly beautiftul.  To me this picture says to me, "I'm on top of the world taking in all the beauty and wonder around me."  He is living his best life!  Don't we all just want to...

Personal / 02.05.2017

Hello friends! I thought I would share with you about my journey to becoming a Holistic Health Coach. I first became a nurse at age 19!! Kind of crazy right?? To be clear, still am a nurse;). I went to a 2 year intensive RN program, was the youngest in my class and boom! I started out working in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and LOVED it! I actually, worked in some sort of critical care unit most of my nursing career thus far. I loved the fast...