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Recipes / 29.10.2018

Thought I would share some recipes I've been trying and we've been enjoying! First up is Julie Bauer Roth's Instant Pot Creamy Gnocchi Soup.  It's loaded with so many good vegetables and full of flavor!  Follow her instructions on how to make the gnocchi and use a GOOD nonstick pan.  I used my stainless steel one and they can tend suck monkey nuts when it comes to sticking...

Recipes / 06.06.2017

I am loving having smoothie bowls for breakfast these days.  It's great alternative for lunch too!  You can load them up with all kinds of healthy goodness and they taste good too.  I find that I enjoy eating a thick creamy smoothie bowl as to drinking smoothies.  Must be a texture thing for me; it's like eating ice cream except it's all good for you and STILL tasty! Another thing that I found  A-MAZING for me was how it helped my digestion.  Now, this may get a little TMI...