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Tammy Frank

Health Coaches are advisors who try to fill the gap that doctors and other health practitioners often times don’t have the time to fill.  I can dive deeper into your health issues by addressing not only the food you eat, also look at all that surrounds you and how it can impact your health:  your career, family, friends, spirituality, etc.  I was amazed to discover how making positive shifts in other areas of my life improved my overall health greatly.  I am here to support and guide you toward your health and wellness goals.  While working me, you can make sustainable lifestyle changes.  As your coach, I’ll be prepared to listen carefully and help you navigate the world of health,nutrition, and mindset.


As a client, you will:

  • Set realistic goals and reach them in a way that is fulfilling and doesn’t feel like you’re selling your soul
  • Understand why cravings exist and what you can do about them
  • Learn why you feel drained all the time and pump up your energy the natural way
  • Gain confidence and show yourself a little love
  • Create the life you dream of


One-on-One programs include:

  • Two 50-minute sessions a month for 3 or 6 months
  • Email support between sessions
  • Recipes, handouts, and good vibes
  • The support you need to really move forward with your goals
Think health coaching might be right for you?  Let’s set up a discovery session to discuss where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go!